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Sonoff S-MATE Switch Mate

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SONOFF S-mate Switch Mate, an eWeLink-Remote sub-device that can make your existing ordinary wall switch be a smart scenes switch to control smart devices.

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S-MATE can connect the ordinary 1/2/3-button wall switch which acts as a remote controller. After pairing with MINI R3, MINI R3 can be controlled locally by S-MATE through the “eWeLink-Remote” signal, and trigger other smart devices in the smart scene. 1 MINIR3 can connect more S-MATE, and 1 S-MATE can be added to 3 MINIR3.

S-MATE is battery-powered, so it does not require a neutral wire in the mounting box. S-MATE is fit for almost any switch type, such as pulse switch, rocker switch, and change your existing switch into a smart one.

SONOFF S-MATE is the module that can transmit the “eWeLink-Remote” signal, We also named it “eWeLink-Remote sub-devices”.MINI R3 is the device with “eWeLink-Remote” received, we name it “eWeLink-Remote gateway”. Once S-MATE was added to any eWeLink-Remote gateway( such as MINI R3, M5), can not only control all products with eWeLink-Remote gateway when there is no network connection locally but also controls any other SONOFF smart device in the smart scene when there is a network connection. It is “eWeLink-Remote” Control.