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Water Motor Controller with App & Timers

Original price was: Rs.  2,800.Current price is: Rs.  2,500.

Control Water Motor, Water Dispenser etc. with timers, mobile app and voice commands.

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Timer Device for Water Motor / Water Dispenser

Smart Life Smart Motor Switch designed to control your water motor or water dispenser with timers, mobile app & voice commands. It can also be use for power consuming devices like refrigerator, lights, fans, etc. Smart Motor Switch can switch any electrical supply with 10A or 2200 watts load. It is plug and play and now need of electrician for installation.


Work with WiFi

Smart Life Smart Motor Switch device made with advance technology that works with your existing home WiFi networks. With its builtin WiFi antenna, it will directly connect with cloud server without spending extra money on hub.


Control with Mobile App

Control your Smart Motor Switch with mobile app from anywhere in the world over WiFi or data connection. Smart Life Android app comes with ton of features. You can switch your devices ON/OFF, know their status, share with family or friends, add timers on your devices that also supports sunrise/sunset timers with offset.

It also support smart scenes that you can use to control multiple devices with single tap or voice command. With app automation feature, you can automate your entire home with artificial intelligence on the cloud. It also supports unlimited cloud timers and lot more smart features to make your life good, smart & more awesome.


Control with Voice Commands

Smart Life is Smart Home partner with Google and Amazon. You can now control your devices hands free with voice commands. You can say “Ok Google, turn on motor” or “Alexa, turn off motor” and your voice assistant will fulfils your command. Voice assistant support available on multiple platforms like on your phone, on Google Home & Amazon Alexa speakers, on smart displays, in your car, on your Android TV remote and smart watches.


Easy to Install

You can easily install Smart Motor Switch device by just plugging into power socket. Download Smart Life app and configure device in under 30 seconds with your home wifi network.